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Fall 2023 Exam Jam took place on Tuesday, Nov. 28th at North Campus & Wednesday, Nov. 29th at South Campus! We would like to thank those of you who participated in the event. Good luck with your final exams and assignments!

Exam Jam flyer with dates, locations, and description of the event.

What is Exam Jam?

Exam Jam is an annual event sponsored by the Tutoring Center to support and assist you as you prep for final exams. We are dedicated to providing you with resources both virtually and in-person to help you Review, Refresh and Destress…and win prizes! 

Exam Jam will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 28th (North Campus) and Wednesday, Nov. 29th (South Campus) in the Library and Tutoring Center from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. We encourage you to drop by in-person and participate in de-stressing activities like painting rocks, making stress balls, and collecting your own Finals Survival Bag to take home. In addition, you can speak with a representative from the Wellness Center on how you can prepare yourself mentally and physically for the stress that often comes with end-of-semester deadlines and assignments. Food and drinks will be provided.

For our students working remotely, you will also be given the opportunity to win a $25 Amazon gift card! All you will need to do is complete the Virtual Escape Room Welcome to the Tutoring Center during the week of Nov. 27th to Dec. 1st and fill out the form at the end. You can review important information about our support resources intended to help you prepare for and do well on end-of-semester exams and assignments while being entered into a drawing for a prize!

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The raffle for the gift card for our Fall 2023 Virtual Exam Jam has ended. If chosen, you will be contacted via email. Thank you for participating!

 Exam Day Tips!

Wake up Refreshed

Start your exam day right by making sure your mind and body are fully rested.  This will help with memory recall and your ability to concentrate. Continue to go through your morning routine by listening to your favorite music while you get ready. And, as you pick out your clothes, think of comfort first! Small efforts like these help for a relaxed state of mind later.

Brain Food

Even if you’re not a breakfast person, one of the best ways to wake up your brain is by getting those nutrients that will prepare you for a day of testing. Try to make it a light breakfast by eating foods like fruit, bagels with peanut butter, or Greek yogurt. You want to avoid heavy foods high in sodium, so you don’t get that sleepy feeling later. Pack energizing snacks like fruit or granola bars for the day to keep your momentum going.

Arrive Early & Review

Give yourself enough time to get settled in at your testing site. Arriving a few minutes early allows you to get comfortable but also leaves time to review any last-minute material and notes. Nothing is more stressful to yourself on exam day than arriving late. 

Positive Attitude

Above all else, speak kindly to yourself! You’ve worked hard all semester to get to this point. Don’t let negative thoughts distract you. This will only lead to test anxiety. Take deep breaths, clear your mind, and fill it with positive thoughts!

 Review! | Study Skills


It's time to study! Check out these helpful websites and apps to study for final exams.

Top 10 Study Skills  

Read this to see the top ten study skills for time management, note-taking, reading and test prep!

 Tips on Effective Studying 

A much more detailed article on how to study, how to figure out which study environment works best for you, how to multitask, and more.  

Study Skills Videos by Long Beach City College  

A list of 14 videos on study skills, including videos on how to organize your study time, memory tricks, how to prepare for tests, test-taking strategies and more! Each video also has a corresponding handout.  


Gives you a clear overview of everything on your plate, so you’ll never lose track of an important task. Easily organize and prioritize your to-do list! 


A browser extension that blocks websites that you may find yourself going to frequently to “waste time” and procrastinate. You can set the message to a specific reminder for yourself.  


An app that makes mind mapping easy, fast, and stunning. It lets you capture what’s on your mind without getting in your way. Organize, style, and share your thoughts.  

Review! | Test Taking Skills

Test-taking strategies Tips to help you succeed on those exams

Tips on Test Taking 

Learn how to prepare ahead of time for tests, how to develop a process for taking tests, and what you should do after you finish taking a test. 

Test Taking Strategies 

This article provides in-depth explanations of test taking strategies for multiple choice and essay-based tests.  

Test Anxiety 

A short video with tips on how to manage and combat test anxiety.  

We’ve got even more tips for you in our Test-taking Strategies Virtual Escape Room…see if you can answer the questions correctly for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card! 

 Refresh! | Healthy Habits

Health and Wellness Tips 

Here are a few tips on sleep, stress, mental health and more to help promote personal wellness.Healthy Habits Tips to help you prepare both mentally and physically for the end of the semester

Creating Healthy Habits 

This article provides several steps on how to build healthy habits, such as identifying unhealthy habits, creating a plan, asking for support, tracking your progress, imagining future benefits, and more! 

Flora – Green Focus  

An app where you can grow digital trees by staying away from your phone, or plant real trees with an opt-in Price and Care service. Challenge friends, create to-do lists, grow trees to create a digital garden, and track your habits.  

 Destress! | Relax


Yoga Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk 

Relax Apps to help you destress during final examsThis article includes instructions on how to do 6 yoga exercises: shoulder rolls, open chest stretch, neck stretch, chair twist, reverse prayer pose, and twisted arms. 

Insight Timer- Meditation 

This app includes thousands of free guided meditations and music tracks. 


An app that helps you tackle anxiety, burn out, and stress. The app provides a self-care toolkit that is unique to you.