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Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whose responsibility is it to withdraw from a class?

After the 10% point of the semester/term, any student who does not plan to continue in any class is to submit the Online Drop Form. Withdrawal requests must be received on or before the 65% point of the semester/term. Instructors will withdraw a student based on Procedure 7.10. The faculty withdrawal is done electronically, through Web Grading.

What is the 65% point of the semester/term?

This is the deadline in which a student or instructor is allowed to submit a request for withdrawal from any course. The 65% date for each semester can be found on the Academic Calendar. Students will receive a final grade of “W” on his/her student academic record, as long as any withdrawal is received on or before the 65% point.

What is the 10% point of the semester/term?

This is the deadline in which a student can drop a course for a 75% refund. Once the student submits a drop within the 10% guidelines, a 75% refund is processed and the course does not appear on the student academic record.

What grade will the student receive if a withdrawal is submitted before the 10% of the class or semester?

All instructors are to report and submit through web attendance, any “no show” up through the 10% of the semester/term. Any class for which an instructor reports the student as never entering (no show) will be deleted from the student course schedule

Will the grade of “W” impact my GPA?

No. The hours attempted will not be calculated in the student Grade Point Average (GPA).

What if a student or faculty submits a withdrawal request after the 65% point of the semester/term?

Any requests for withdrawal are denied if submitted after the 65% point of the semester/term, and the student will earn a final grade of “F”. Only in instances of extenuating circumstances such as Medical Withdrawal Request, will a grade of “W” be considered after the 65% point of the semester/term.

Will my financial aid be affected if I withdraw from a class or from all of my classes?

Any student receiving financial aid is strongly encouraged to seek advice from the financial aid office prior to withdrawing from any course. Dropping or officially withdrawing from a course may affect financial aid eligibility and/or repayment of assistance previously credited to a student account or disbursed by refund. If a student withdraws from all classes before the 60% point of the semester, a percentage of Federal aid received may have to be repaid based on the Federal Formula Calculation. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm this information with the financial aid office.

How do I know the deadline to withdraw from a class?

Withdrawal dates for each semester may be found on the college’s calendar.