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Beginning the Job Search Process

College Central Network (CCN) is your answer. Student Services has implemented a new web resource for students and local employers. Nearly 400 colleges and universities nationwide utilize CCN– a web-based database management system devoted to helping RCCC students find part-time or full-time employment. The internet-based concept lets RCCC students log on wherever they have internet access. After an initial, brief registration students can search from home, in the computer lab on campus, or at the local library – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether it’s a job to help students support themselves financially while attending classes, or as a resource for full-time employment opportunities in a particular field of study, we believe College Central Network is a great tool that can help our students succeed outside the classroom.

Another important feature to this system is active participation by local employers. Area employers that have opportunities have access to the system in two ways. One is through registering their company and posting available jobs. Additionally, employers can search the resume bank and find students who have uploaded resumes into the system. The employer can directly contact any student they feel qualifies for the position they are hiring.

Also, students who already have a resume are encouraged to upload it into the system. It will be reviewed by a Counselor before finally being posted, so students may hear from a staff member about making some changes to their resume in order to better demonstrate their skills. For those that have not yet developed a resume, Student Services encourages students to connect with one of the Counselors that can help you begin that process. It is something worth creating as future employers will ask you for it upon considering you for a position.