所有课程本科生均可申请入学, re-admission, 或转到州立学校的学生将使用RDS. 申请或被北卡罗来纳独立学院录取的学生 & 菲律宾十大网赌网站(NCICU)机构, 有兴趣申请北卡罗来纳州补助的人需要完成RDS吗. 大多数公司 & 继续教育的学生不需要这个程序.


No. Students who were admitted as residents and granted in-state tuition by any NC college will retain that residency status under the policy of “continuous enrollment.如果学生在连续入学中遇到“中断”, 或者跨系统转学(菲律宾十大网赌网站到社区学院,反之亦然), 学校将要求学生重新申请入学, 当时, 学生必须接受RDS居住决定.

什么是连续登记? 连续招生是在个别机构还是在社区菲律宾十大网赌网站? 这是如何处理的??

只适用于居留决定系统, a student is continuously enrolled at a North Carolina higher education institution if the student is consecutively enrolled at the same North Carolina higher education institution in fall and spring semesters in courses or prerequisites creditable toward a degree, 文凭, 或收取学费的证书. 当一个学生连续两个学期没有注册时,就会出现注册中断.e. 秋天和春天或春天和秋天). Students are not required to be enrolled during the summer term(s) to maintain continuous enrollment for purposes of RDS. UNC, NCCCS and NCICU have worked together to craft a common policy and to explore how the policy might work within systems and across the systems. 这一政策将被传达给学校,并与RDS流程分开.

管理员如何获得最后一分钟注册的住院医师决定? How do administrators make sure students can get into class even if the student has not yet completed RDS? 学校何时可取得RDS的判定资料?

正常情况下, a student should seek residency determination through RDS before or during the admissions process. 学校总是可以在RDS完成之前录取学生, but state law requires that the student be billed out-of-state tuition until they are determined to be a resident. RDS will provide an initial determination immediately upon the student’s completion of the RDS online interview and that result is immediately presented to the student. The resulting residency status is available to the school in near real time through the school’s administrative portal.


是的,RDS系统将决定未成年人的居住权. 绝大多数应用程序将根据其父(s)信息确定. 在一些特殊情况下,如未成年人,父母去世,5年规则等.- the system will determine residency appropriately based on the minor’s particular circumstances.

如何处理没有SSN, ITIN, ARN或CIS识别号码的学生?

Because RDS relies heavily on the ability to database match with state agencies in order to validate the data a student enters into the RDS online interview, 唯一标识符对成功确定至关重要. Students who cannot (or will not) provide a unique identifier will be initially classified as out-of-state and will need to request an appeal which will require in-person submission of paper identification.


DACA学生是无证件的,根据法律,没有能力被考虑居住. 具有DACA身份的学生将被RDS归类为州外学生. 校园es may work with DACA students to identify any exceptions that may allow them to receive in-state tuition.


RDS relies on a complex determination of independence based on clearly documented lack of a “parental” relationship and the “financial self-sufficiency” of the individual. 两者都没有明确的证明, 学生的住所, 不论年龄大小, 是否依赖于父母的信息.

如果军人在州内待了1年,然后又要重新申请呢? 这些学生是否可以继续注册,还是仍然需要每年重新申请?


RDS将如何处理职业和菲律宾十大网赌网站承诺(CCP)学生? 中共学生会回答RDS住院医师的问题吗?

如果一个学生确定为高中生,寻求社区菲律宾十大网赌网站的CCP录取, CFNC不会将该学生转到RDS系统, 因为学生不需要居住证. At the point at which the CCP student is graduated from high school and applies to become a college student, 学生需要申请居留. 如果学生从菲律宾十大网赌网站和高中同时毕业, 学生不需要申请居留权.


RDS正在寻求澄清和简化囚犯的居住情况. 一旦澄清得到确认,RDS将分享这一过程.



  • 校园级数据录入协助, 面对面或电话都行, 满足校园ADA合规要求.
  • The NC 住院医生实习期 Determination Service (RDS) call center at CFI via a state-wide toll free number


The NC 住院医生实习期 Determination Service (RDS) call center at CFI will provide comprehensive customer support for the students, 使用RDS系统的家庭和学校. There will be a state-wide toll free number for students and families and a separate state-wide toll free number for schools.



What if a student does not know; or forgets, their RCN?

RDS RCN是RDS系统中个人的唯一标识符, 在任何时候, 只要有足够的识别信息,就可以发现那个人. A RCN is given to a student after the submission of a student’s first RDS residency determination. 如果学生使用用户名/电子邮件和密码登录RDS,学生可以打印RCN. 如果学生忘记了RCN, 学生可以联系RDS和, 有适当身份证明的人士,会透过电邮或文字收到有关RCN的提醒.

学生如何提交所需的文件? 上传? 传真? 邮件? 我提交文件的截止日期是什么时候?

您可以直接上传、传真或邮寄信息给RDS. If a student is unable to upload required documentation during their interview session and has documentation outstanding, 截止日期为面试提交之日起10天内. 如果学生在这10天内无法找到或上传文件, 学生可以申请延期. 如果学生通过文件截止日期,没有提交所需的文件, 该学生将被归类为非居民,并需要支付州外学费. 如果学生仍然想申请北卡罗来纳州居留权,他们可以重新考虑. 看到 上诉 有关复议的更多信息.

学生可以有很多选择来证明他们的居住权吗? 如果学生没有驾照,该如何处理?

RDS is designed to provide a wide variety of pathways and options for a student to prove their NC residency, 同时使诈骗系统变得困难. RDS在遵守州法律的同时实现了这一平衡. 驾驶执照只是RDS在得出结论时收集的一项数据. 对收集到的其他信息的评估可以让学生被确定为居民, 即使没有驾驶执照.

在例外情况下,RDS和学校将如何运作? 系统最终能够帮助处理异常文档吗?

是的. RDS will collect information to assist campuses in determining that an individual might be eligible for one of the “system-specific” exceptions. RDS不会直接通知学生潜在的资格. 而不是, RDS will provide exception codes in the RDS data which will identify possible exceptions for which that student might be eligible, 基于RDS在线访谈提供的信息. The school is ultimately responsible for granting these exceptions according to system policy and practice.


RDS will automatically update residency status on the Grants System-a grant cannot be funded without a student’s residency determination. Here are some basic points for how 住院医生实习期 will work in the Grants System when RDS is deployed:

  • Students with existing determinations from schools (the student received a grant at that school in the last term) will be grandfathered going forward unless:
  • the student changes schools the student does NOT receive a grant for two (non-summer) consecutive terms
  • New applicants for admission (before RDS is deployed) will receive a projected award if they indicate they are NC residents on their FAFSA (as they do currently) and the school will certify residency
  • New applicants for admission (after RDS is deployed) will need to have a residency determination from RDS –the Grants System will automatically reflect that determination
  • Students who are no longer grandfathered will need to have a residency determination from RDS and the Grants System will automatically reflect that determination
  • A school may certify a grant for a student who has a projected residency; but only a student who is grandfathered or who has a determination from RDS can receive a state grant
  • SEAA和RDS将与学校合作开发准确的, transparent and appropriate language about residency determination and its impact on the awarding of state grants


是的. 一旦RDS确定完成, 学生可以提交复议以更正他们的数据或报告情况的变化, e.g.:

  • 现役军人:现役军人的改变或从军队中退役
  • 在北卡罗来纳州生活时间的变化
  • 与北卡罗来纳州居民结婚
  • 父母去世
  • 移民或美国公民身份的改变
  • 财政自给自足的改变
  • 个人和/或家庭搬迁到NC


如有其他问题,请参阅 RDS的网站.