Admission of High School Students

Career & College Promise

Currently enrolled high school juniors and seniors who wish to take college courses through Rowan-Cabarrus may participate in Career & College Promise program. To participate in this program the high school student must begin the process through their high school guidance counselor or approved homeschool principal. In the Career & College Promise program students must select one of four College Transfer Certificate Pathways or may select a Career Technical Certificate Pathway.

To qualify for a College Transfer Certificate Pathway, a student must demonstrate college readiness in English, mathematics and reading using an approved assessment. They must also have a 3.0 or higher grade point average on their high school courses and continue to make progress towards graduation.

To qualify for a Career Technical Certificate Pathway, a student must have a 3.0 or higher grade point average or have the recommendation of a school official.

Career & College Promise students may take one or two courses each semester as long as they have met the course prerequisites. Developmental courses are not available to high school students.

Please see our Career & College Promise website for more information.

Early College at Rowan-Cabarrus

Early College is an educational partnership between Rowan-Cabarrus and school districts in Rowan and Cabarrus County. This partnership provides high school students an opportunity to earn both high school and college credits during four years of enrollment in an early college program. By earning enough credits, a graduating high school senior could exit high school with an associate degree and be ready for workforce employment or transfer to a four-year college or university. The student must enroll as a high school freshman to pursue this opportunity. College tuition for Early College students is waived. Early College programs are administered by the local educational agency (school district) but housed on the college campus. To learn more information about Early College opportunities in Rowan County, Cabarrus